The founding of the Heritage Museum

Since 1971, the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida has been collecting and preserving material culture pertaining to local and regional history. Today, the Museum houses an extensive collection of artifacts, textiles, and documents which are made available to the public. These materials are used for education, entertainment, and research through the archival library, exhibits, tours, public programs, and events.


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About Us


Our Mission

To collect, preserve, and study historical artifacts pertaining to Northwest Florida's heritage and to educate the public through relevant exhibits, tours, events and skill set development.


Our Vision

To preserve the heritage of Northwest Florida for future generations to enjoy  


Staff and Board of Trustees


Anderson Hanna, Museum Manager

Kathryn Wene, Education Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Frank Berte, Trustee
Fred Boyer, Trustee

Steve Czonstka, Vice Chair Finance

Kristina Duffy, Trustee

Chris Galloway, Trustee

Glenda Glover, Trustee

Marie Hallion, Trustee

Catherine Nolan, Trustee

Barbara Palmgren, Chair

Heath Rominger, Trustee

David Sandlin, Trustee

Debbie Seidl, Trustee

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