School tours


Native Americans to Pioneers

Learn about Native Americans, the Florida Panhandle's original residents, and Pioneers. The tour will explore the similarities and differences between these two groups and how technology and our lifestyles have changed over the years. Students will also have self-guided time in the Discovery room, a hands-on area where students can experience a model one-room schoolhouse, store, and an archaeology dig.

Activities to accompany this tour include pinchpots, paper dolls, and designing your own pioneer-style quilt.

Paradise Gardens

This tour explores our pollinator garden and the importance of bees, birds, and butterflies and plants to the ecosystem. Students will learn about different types of plants such as perennials and annuals, how to describe the life cycles of plants, and the structures of plants.

Chromatography butterflies are a wonderful accompaniment to this tour to allow students to see capillary action and how water reacts with markers to enhance the color spectrum

Technology Throughout History

A lot has changed in the Panhandle since the Native Americans first got here, and in this tour students will learn how technology was developed and used by pioneers and during WWII. This tour includes aspects of history and focuses mainly on the use of simple machines.

Students will make catapults using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and spoons to have hands-on learning with simple machines.

Bespoke tours

Don't see something that meets you and your students' needs? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to work with you to create the right experience for your school.


$7 per student

$3 per adult chaperone

Free for teachers

History Sandwiched-In

Join us on the second Friday of each month for an hour-long casual lecture about the history of crafts, the Florida Panhandle, and a variety of other topics! These events are always free, and no registration is required. Attendees are encouraged to bring 

8 January

STRANGE CONNECTIONS – Arcadia, Bagdad, and Destin, Florida

12pm - 1pm

Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida

Event Details

8 January

STRANGE CONNECTIONS – Arcadia, Bagdad, and Destin, Florida

Hank Klein leads this presentation about some of the fascinating connections between Destin and the wider world as well as some interesting history about this area. Don't forget your lunch!

12pm - 1pm

Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida

Heritage Alive! Classes

Homeschool Fridays


Homeschool Fridays

One Friday each quarter, guest speakers come to the museum to meet with home school students about various topics including the hammered dulcimer and archaeology. Register on our website or call us at (850) 678-2615 to reserve your space!


Students -  $10 each | $8 for members

Parents - first is free, additional are $3 each

Upcoming dates and topics

February 29 at 1:00 - Leaping into 2020

What's the deal with leap years? Why do we have them? Why are they only every four years? What does the earth's revolution have anything to do with it? Find out the answers to these questions and more with the Emerald Coast Science Center!